About Us


Our Team

We're brand new and just getting started. The team right now just consists of our Founder/CEO Alexis Berson (an 11 year old 5th grader).

We plan to grow by adding an amazing team of volunteers who are committed to  helping others. Think  you would be a good fit? Contact us!



Our History

While shopping for my Halloween costume last year at one of the large costume "pop-up" shops, I noticed just how many kids each year buy new costumes. And I noticed how expensive costumes (and props) actually are. I asked my dad if everyone could afford to buy new costumes every year and started thinking about how I might be able to help others who may not be as fortunate. After trick or treating, I threw off my costume to check out my candy haul and put it in my closet (with all of the other old and unused costumes from prior years). And that's when I had an idea... what if I collected costumes from other kids and donated them to kids who can't afford new costumes every year? It also fits right in with the theme for my 5th grade year which is sustainability. SO, I decided to make it happen. This year we will collect costumes after Halloween (2019), have them cleaned, organized, and ready to distribute in September and October 2020, and then we'll repeat the process every year.


Our Mission

1) We will enlist a team of volunteers to create , distribute, and manage costume collection boxes at sites all over the city.

2) We will partner with a local volunteer organization to help collect, sort, and organize all collected costumes and props.

3) We will find a partner to store the sorted costumes and props until next summer.

4) We will partner with a local dry cleaner to clean and make ready for distribution all costumes and components.

5) We will utilize our partnership with the local volunteer organization to help cultivate and staff distribution sites (churches, schools, community gathering places) in areas of the city that have the highest need.

6) We will promote the pickup sites through social media, local news outlets, and community leaflets.

7) Depending on the number of costumes collected (goal is 5,000 first year) we will determine an appropriate number of distribution sites and dates, and will work with our volunteer organization to staff the distribution sites for each distribution date.

8) We will not charge for the costumes, but will have an optional donation (typically a couple of dollars per costume) which will be used to help defray costs with any overage being donated to other local non profits.

9) We will repeat the cycle beginning immediately after Halloween 2020.

Help Our Cause

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